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San’at is a professional Uzbek dance performer who developed her craft through diligent work and under supervision of renowned coaches.

San’at performs as a professional dancer and is based in Manchester, England. She has over twenty years of professional dance experience and performed as a solo as well as group dancer in many international shows, concerts and festivals all over the world including Europe, Asia and Japan. She danced before diplomatic personnel as well as common audience of diverse background.

Her skills and gracious, mystical style originates from Sufi branch of mystic following in Islam. An array of dance styles are the result of cultural synthesis emanating from ancient history of the Great Silk Route that extended from China, India, Central Asia through Ottoman Empire to Eastern Europe.

San’at’s expertise lies within various dance fields from Caucasian [Azeri], Mid Eastern, Persian, Central Asian to Oriental dance performances. Her approach to art is unique and emphasizes cultural and historic reflections of many countries and regions within the ancient Silk Road. She had developed exquisite style that encompasses the following folk classic dance styles:

- Uzbek

- Persian

- Azeri

- Armenian

- Turkish

- Middle Eastern dances

San'at participated in a number of international events and festivals around the world:

- Performance Tour in LA, California

- International Dance Festival in Greece

- Performances at various Embassies in London and Paris

As a dedicated professional and artist, San'at dedicates her time to teaching. Her classes range from children to adults from all backgrounds and walks of life. Nothing brings her more satisfaction and sense of fulfilment as sharing her knowledge and history of performing arts of the region she originated from.

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